iQ-Check™ Prep System

The iQ-Check™ Prep is a liquid handling platform performing DNA extraction and PCR plate set-up. Designed for use with the full range of iQ-Check food pathogen detection kits and the CFX96 Deep Well™ real-time PCR system, it provides a completely integrated automated solution for food pathogen testing. Optimal ease of use and full traceability is achieved by  the link between the CFX Manager™ IDE Software and a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The iQ-Check Prep Solution provides increased confidence in results, high reproducibility and robustness to routine testing labs. It fits seamlessly in laboratory workflow without disrupting it and is an ideal solution for medium to high throughput testing laboratories.


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RAPID’ChromogenicMethods for food diagnistics


RAPID’E.coli 2
RAPID’Listeria spp.


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Real-Time PCR Kits

A powerful alternative to reference methods, iQ-Check kits are for fast, qualitative detection of major pathogens in food and environmental samples. They are optimized for real-time PCR with Bio-Rad detection systems.


QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System


The Gene Expression Division is pleased to announce the launch of the Bio-Rad one-step RT-ddPCR kit for probes, which creates a new paradigm for the precise quantitation of RNA by combining reverse transcription with Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR). The one-step RT-ddPCR kit for probes provides an absolute measure of target RNA molecules with unrivalled precision and sensitivity.


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