ChemiDoc MP System

The ChemiDoc MP system is a full-feature instrument for gel or western blot imaging. It is designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, and general gel documentation applications.

Its features are based on CCD high-resolution, high-sensitivity detection technology, and modular options to accommodate a wide range of samples and support multiple detection methods. The system is controlled by Image Lab software to optimize performance for fast, integrated, and automated image capture and analysis of various samples.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple imaging capabilities — the ChemiDoc MP imager can accommodate a variety of sample types and detection methods including multiplex fluorescent western blotting. It is the perfect imager to accompany your protein and DNA electrophoresis runs as well as your western blotting experiments. It delivers quantitative, reproducible results for fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and colorimetric detection
  • Stain-free technology — UV-induced fluorescence labeling of proteins in the stain-free gels allows a 2 hr Coomassie gel-staining protocol to be condensed into a 5 min stain-and-image step. Stain-free gels are western blot compatible
    — using the V3 Western Workflow, check your electrophoresis results and blot transfer quality prior to western blotting
  • High-sensitivity blot detection — the ChemiDoc MP imaging system offers advanced detection technology that determines optimal exposure, even for faint or intense samples. Superior sensitivity is achieved for chemiluminescence and multiplex fluorescence detection and for colorimetric gel and blot documentation
  • Superior image quality — resolution remains at its highest without creating artifacts, even when zooming in. Exceptional dynamic range enables visualization of even the faintest protein bands. Image Lab software analyzes data and enables image editing and marking to achieve publication quality without exporting to other programs
  • Ease of Use — precalibrated system provides the precise focus for any zoom setting or sample height; automated hands-free operation ensures consistent, reproducible, and high-throughput performance