Independent Quality Controls

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Independent Quality Controls



Get More Out of Your Quality Control

Having the right products when you need them is critical to keeping your lab running smoothly and maintaining your quality system. When it comes to independent quality controls, Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive portfolio; the right quality controls, an expert and responsive customer service, and data management solutions that work harder for you.

You can count on our consistent quality products to help assure the reliability of your patient results. The majority of independent control materials consist of a human base matrix that provides a product that closely mimics a patient sample. Most controls offer a long shelf life which allows the same control lot to be used across multiple reagent lots. Bio-Rad controls offer long term reagent performance monitoring, which enables it to detect shifts that may occur with new lot of reagents and calibrators.

Bio-Rad offers quality control data management tools that help you develop a program to reduce risk and streamline workflow. Participation in our interlaboratory program is extremely important for laboratories to help ensure the reliability and precision of test systems. Unity Interlaboratory Program has over 29,000 peer users, more than 50,000 instruments, and 92 countries providing the most robust QC Data Management solution.

More laboratories trust Bio-Rad for independent quality control products than any other manufacturer. Independent quality controls help give you greater confidence in your results because they provide unbiased assessment of the measuring and calibration procedures.

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